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How to Kill the Hills

(No, I’m not referring to MTV’s The Hills. Long live the drama of LC, Speidi, Justin Bobby, Audrina, Kristin and Brody!)

I am referring to so many runners’ arch nemesis: elevation. While we see hilly terrain more frequently in certain parts of the country than in others, we are all inevitably going to run into hills at some point. I used to despise hills with every fiber in my body. Three years ago I moved to a new apartment that sat atop a massive hill – it was about .75 miles long and pretty steep, especially at the top. I did whatever I could to avoid that hill, but beyond the hill were a lot of good areas to run. I attempted to run the hill many times, but was resigned to walking by the end. I finally put my head down and decided that I was going to do whatever it took to conquer that hill, and along the way picked up some tips. Today I actually look forward to hills, and I promise with the right mindset so can you. Continue reading “How to Kill the Hills”