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Dealing with Burnout: T -11 Days

I have been trying to ignore this feeling for the past two weeks but I just can’t hide it any longer:

I. Am. Burned. Out.

I have been training nonstop for the past eight months. March 20 will be my third half marathon in less than four months. And I am getting tired. Continue reading “Dealing with Burnout: T -11 Days”

New Year, New Focus

Running is officially my #1 priority and passion these days. This weekend, I completed my second half marathon since November and shaved seven minutes off my time! My PR is now 2:35:43. I completed the half at a pace of 11:53 minutes/mile and I couldn’t be more proud. For my first half marathon I trained with a group through Lifetime Fitness, and to be honest I was slightly discouraged with my time. I was putting forth my best effort, and running farther than I had since I got injured, but my extremely talented running mates finished their races over 30 minutes ahead of me. My need to compare myself to others (aka my fiercely competitive nature) clouded the pride I should have been feeling for my accomplishment. The truth is, I’m glad I slowly eased back into running. I ran and trained conservatively with a  specific purpose – to prevent another injury from occurring. My injury took an entire year to heal and the last thing I want is to take mandated time off of running again. Continue reading “New Year, New Focus”