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Ending the Break

Hi there, strangers!

I conquered my last half marathon on March 20, and what was supposed to be a self-prescribed two week break has turned into a six week fast from running (and writing!). I tend to do better at sticking to running when I am training for a race and have a training plan to follow. However, after suffering from major burnout while training for my last race, the thought of signing up for yet another race was daunting. Continue reading “Ending the Break”

The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything

The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything

A lot of people ask me what kind of diet I follow to maintain my weight. I work a desk job which makes weight loss efforts a little more difficult. Coworkers see me eating healthy snacks and meals at my desk, for the most part. But the truth is, I’m not the healthiest eater out there. I make myself bring healthy food to work because I know I will eat it. At home or out at a restaurant, however, is a totally different story. I definitely don’t deprive myself if I’m craving something because I believe in moderation. If I’m craving In-n-Out, I eat it. On the rare occasion that I crave Taco Bell, I go for it – although that is usually accompanied with 48-72 hours of shame and indigestion. Typical snacks for me include pretzels and hummus, popcorn, maybe granola with almonds mixed in. Not terrible, but I could definitely increase my vegetable intake. I have recently started cooking healthy recipes in bulk and putting portions in plasticware in the freezer so I have healthy and tasty options on hand. Continue reading “The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything”