Ending the Break

Hi there, strangers!

I conquered my last half marathon on March 20, and what was supposed to be a self-prescribed two week break has turned into a six week fast from running (and writing!). I tend to do better at sticking to running when I am training for a race and have a training plan to follow. However, after suffering from major burnout while training for my last race, the thought of signing up for yet another race was daunting.

So while I was busy not signing up for new races, a Total Life Change happened: I accepted an offer for a job in Little Rock, Arkansas. That’s right, this Dallas girl is living outside of the Metroplex for the first time ever. Needless to say my priorities shifted from training to preparing for my new role, new home, and new lifestyle. I interviewed for the job on a Monday, accepted the job three days later, and was in Arkansas that weekend signing a lease for an apartment. Two weeks later I was moved into my new dwelling to start the job that Monday. It happened so fast, and after about a month I’m finally feeling settled into my new life and can now focus on developing healthy routines in my new environment.

What I love about Arkansas is how many outdoorsy activities there are to do here. I live right along a trail that has gorgeous views and goes on for miles. While I haven’t been running much, I have taken advantage of the trail for walks after work. Not too far from my apartment is Pinnacle Mountain, which provides a heck of a hike that leads you to beautiful views once you reach the top. Now that summer is upon us I’m looking forward to taking advantage of water activities, such as kayaking and SUPing (stand up paddle board – check it out if you haven’t already!).

I have encountered some difficulties in my new role to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however. I am working primarily on the road, so eating healthy during the day has proved challenging at times. I am a huge advocate for bringing lunch to work, not only to eat healthy but also to save some money. However, leaving food in the hot car during the summer doesn’t exactly sound appealing. I also travel a few times a month and am living in hotels and out of suitcases, giving me very few options to prepare my own food. I (almost) have a system in place to ensure that I stay on track with my health goals and plan on blogging about that soon.

So after my “two week” running hiatus came to a close and I got offered the job, I realized I had twelve days to say good-bye to 28 years’ worth of friends and family. That means twelve straight nights of good-bye parties with my favorite people. It was a very special time and I’m eternally grateful for everyone that made time to see me before I left, but twelve nights straight of eating out and boozing isn’t exactly conducive to squeezing a run in the next morning. I have spent the first month in Little Rock getting totally settled into my new role and have purposely not focused on running. But now that the first month is over, it’s time to get focused again.

And that brings me to my plan. Well, Runner’s World’s plan, that is. This will be my first time to participate in a Runner’s World #Runstreak and I couldn’t be more excited! The idea is simple – run at least one mile per day, from Memorial Day (Monday, May 30) to the 4th of July (Monday, July 4). It’s 36 straight days of running at least one mile. I’m planning on running the Dallas Marathon this December and feel that this will be a perfect, easy way to get focused on running again and get into a routine of running being at the forefront of my mind. I have to admit, I’m a little anxious. Two months ago I could have run ten miles without thinking twice about it, but it didn’t take long to feel like I have lost all of that fitness. I know it will come back quickly and can’t wait to see how much progress I can make by Independence Day. I will be writing about my progress on this page, as well as sharing tips I pick up from staying healthy on the road. I’m excited to get connected with all of you again!

Who else is planning on participating in the #Runstreak? Sound off below!

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