My Worst Nightmare, Realized; T-16 Days until Rock n Roll


Last night, my worst nightmare (aside from injury) came true. I was on the Run Rock n Roll Dallas website looking up the course map, when I saw a link that said Confirm Entry. Not sure exactly what it was I clicked on it. The link led to a confirmation page runners must print out and bring to the expo in order to pick up the race packet. I entered my first and last name and date of birth, and clicked Retrieve Confirmation Sheet. To my horror…

No Matching Participant Found.

I went into full on panic mode. I scrambled through my inbox looking for the registration confirmation but to no avail. I did, however, find a link to register for the race with a discount code. You see, I was signed up for the Michelob Ultra 13.1 in Dallas last October, but the race got rained out. The fabulous folks at the Michelob race gave us the option to transfer our registration, free of charge, to one of three upcoming Dallas-area races. I chose the Rock n Roll. I did not, however, ever register for the race.

With the running gods at my side, I filled out the registration form faster than I ever have before (hopefully that bodes well for a good race time!). I entered the discount code that had been emailed to me four months prior. Amazingly, the race was not sold out, nor had my discount code expired. So now, seventeen days before the race, I was officially registered for a race I had been training for for months.


After looking at the course map I am more antsy than ever to run this race! The race goes through downtown Dallas, through Deep Ellum, across the Margaret Hunt bridge, and ends at Reunion Lawn. A great course, along with a live band every mile along the course, makes this race pretty much my half marathon soulmate. I’m hoping that now that I have actually seen the course map, I will be more motivated during the week. My weekend runs have gone off without a hitch but my motivation has been lagging on my Tuesday and Wednesday runs the past couple weeks. I plan on using visualization to help power me through these midweek runs. Now that I have an idea of what the course will look like I’m more excited than ever!

I also made sure to glance at the elevation map and boy am I glad I did. There’s a really steep incline around mile nine followed by a pretty steady decline for the remainder of the race. If you ever run a race that shows an elevation map I highly recommend checking it out so you know what to expect. I know that when I hit mile nine the going will get tough for a bit, but once I start feeling a downhill slope,  the race will literally be all downhill from there. I will incorporate that into my training in the next couple weeks as well – I’ll make sure to run my longer runs on a route with hills as opposed to White Rock Lake, which is a beautiful but generally flat course.

Sixteen days. I won’t build too much more on the training I already have in that amount of time, but I will certainly sleep as much as I can, eat as clean as possible and complete the remainder of my training runs. This is one race for which I will want to put my best foot forward.


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