Month: February 2016

The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything

The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything

A lot of people ask me what kind of diet I follow to maintain my weight. I work a desk job which makes weight loss efforts a little more difficult. Coworkers see me eating healthy snacks and meals at my desk, for the most part. But the truth is, I’m not the healthiest eater out there. I make myself bring healthy food to work because I know I will eat it. At home or out at a restaurant, however, is a totally different story. I definitely don’t deprive myself if I’m craving something because I believe in moderation. If I’m craving In-n-Out, I eat it. On the rare occasion that I crave Taco Bell, I go for it – although that is usually accompanied with 48-72 hours of shame and indigestion. Typical snacks for me include pretzels and hummus, popcorn, maybe granola with almonds mixed in. Not terrible, but I could definitely increase my vegetable intake. I have recently started cooking healthy recipes in bulk and putting portions in plasticware in the freezer so I have healthy and tasty options on hand. Continue reading “The Diet Tweak that Changed Everything”

An Olympic Mentality

This week I have felt wonderfully inspired. I know it’s because of a couple ladies I watched run the Olympic marathon trials on Saturday, Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan. If you didn’t watch the trials you missed a nail biter! The short, sweet version is that the two led the race side by side for the first twenty or so miles, when Flanagan started feeling light headed. Cragg ended up pulling away in the last couple miles and won the race, while Flanagan came in third behind Desiree Linden. Upon finishing, Flanagan literally collapsed into Cragg’s arms at the finish line and immediately had to be wheeled off to receive IV fluids. (You can read the Runner’s World post race interview with Flanagan here.) Continue reading “An Olympic Mentality”

Running Safety

Hello readers!

One of the reasons I love running is because I am so free spirited. I love exploring new routes, stumbling upon gorgeous views, and seeing how much ground I can cover. However, I have finally accepted that it’s important to prioritize safety, especially because I run alone so often. Maybe I’ve finally grown up, or maybe I really am starting to turn into my mother! It’s becoming far too frequent to hear about runners getting robbed, or worse, injured by people on their runs, and I, for one, don’t want to be a statistic. I have put together a list of some safety tips to help you become safer on your runs. Continue reading “Running Safety”

New Year, New Focus

Running is officially my #1 priority and passion these days. This weekend, I completed my second half marathon since November and shaved seven minutes off my time! My PR is now 2:35:43. I completed the half at a pace of 11:53 minutes/mile and I couldn’t be more proud. For my first half marathon I trained with a group through Lifetime Fitness, and to be honest I was slightly discouraged with my time. I was putting forth my best effort, and running farther than I had since I got injured, but my extremely talented running mates finished their races over 30 minutes ahead of me. My need to compare myself to others (aka my fiercely competitive nature) clouded the pride I should have been feeling for my accomplishment. The truth is, I’m glad I slowly eased back into running. I ran and trained conservatively with a  specific purpose – to prevent another injury from occurring. My injury took an entire year to heal and the last thing I want is to take mandated time off of running again. Continue reading “New Year, New Focus”